Our preschool is an outreach mission of Messiah Lutheran Church. We strive to teach every child about the amazing blessing it is to be children of God through faith in Jesus.


NEW LOCATION next school year. (next door to the current building)

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum includes age-appropriate activities and experiences, cultivating a love of learning while creating an environment that gets your child ready for success in kindergarten.

Preschool Staff

Our team is full of experienced educators and advocates for early childhood education. Each classroom also features a full-time aide, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention and care.

Tuition + Fees

Learn more about the details of our class structure, including registration requirements, schedules, tuition, fees and more.

Parent Resources

We believe in partnering with parents to provide a holistic, loving learning experience for your child. Learn more about the resources available to our preschool parents.

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