About Us

Growing together in the Word. Going into our community with the Word.
That's what ministry is all about at Messiah.

Life is hard.

Some days, no matter where we look, we see brokenness, struggles, unwelcome change and challenge on the horizon. Anxiety, financial struggle, health challenges seem to never let up.

Where can you turn if you don’t feel like your life is on the right track? If the people you've depended on have let you down? What can comfort you when every new day brings only new struggle?


(n.) The promised savior, king and deliverer;


When the world feels like it's falling apart; when hope feels far away; when the ever-present, low-grade anxiety of our day-to-day wears us down — God is here. 

At Messiah, we put this belief into action through loving care for our neighbors, kindness to our community and compassion for people and children of all backgrounds.

We are deeply passionate about reaching out and making a place for you - no matter where you've been or where you're going.

Start Your Journey.