Bible Information Class

Begins January 23

What is Bible Information Class?

At Messiah, we offer a 12-week Bible information class called Foundations. It's an introductory Bible Study especially for people who are new to Messiah and want to know more about the Bible or what we believe and teach at Messiah.

Whatever your background or experience, Foundations takes us back to the core teachings of God’s Word, the Bible, to answer life's most important questions.

While this class prepares individuals for membership at Messiah, you will never be pressured into joining as a member. Feel free to check it out for a couple weeks to get a feel for it!

The next session starts
Monday, January 23,
@6:30 p.m.


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Bible Information Class

Interested in learning more about the Bible and what we believe and teach at Messiah? Sign up to take our Bible information class!
We'd be happy to arrange childcare if necessary. Children will be in a preschool classroom adjacent to the room where the Bible class will be held.